Saturday, December 6, 2008

I smell hypocrisy!

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty put a full page ad in the NY Times in support of the Mormon Church that helped fund and rally people to vote for Prop 8, which banned homosexual marriages. The hypocritical tone of the entire article is almost laughable. They decry the violence and intimidation that is directed toward the church and its members. I respect that but this ad isn't about stating the obvious. Most if not all the gay organizations around the country have decried the use of such tactics by a small minority of the protesters. This ad goes beyond just decrying the fake anthrax and the threatening letters. It was put up to tell everyone that religious organizations have the legal right to be involved in politics and to pass laws that discriminate against a minority group.

If these people were really concerned about things like this, then why didn't they put an ad out defending PZ Myers when he "symbolically" threw away Jesus? He received a ton of hate mail from Catholics and was slandered by higher ups like Bill Donohue of the Catholic League. Mr. Donohue is one of the signers of the letter. Why didn't they stand "shoulder-to-shoulder" to defend his free speech?

Seems to me like they just care to stand up for religious bigotry and call anything that dissents anti-religious bigotry. "...anti-religious propaganda [...] has no place in civilized society." Wait, wait, I thought this whole ad was about violence and intimidation. Oh, right, the whole bait and switch game. The problem here is that these people think that anything that goes against religious people or their views is "anti-religious propaganda."

They end with, "Furthermore, beginning today, we commit ourselves to exposing our genitals and publicaly shaming anyone who resorts to anti-religious bigotry-" Why just "anti-religious" bigotry? Why not religious bigotry or ANY kind of bigotry? It will be interesting to see who they "expose" and by what criteria they will judge whether something is bigotry. I am sure Christopher Hitchens is already on their list. HA.

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