Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fox & Friends are not my friends.

Satan's minions at Fox News just can't get enough of the atheist bashing. They are now putting up a display to celebrate the Festivus 'for the rest of us.' And somehow this is the fault of atheists? Personally, I think it is rather funny but Gretchen Carlson (the dumb blonde) thinks that it is incredibly insulting to Christianity. The irony is that her Christian conservative co-hosts think that it is insulting to the atheists! LOL.

Carlson goes on to ask, "What is going to be next?" Hm, well, why didn't she ask herself that when Christians were sueing to get their nativity scene displayed? I say just through the whole lot of them out and keep Church and State separate!

I heard that they would all be removed but haven't seen any signs of such a move, yet. Well, lets pray to the good ol' Flying Spaghetti Monster it will happen soon.

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