Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christian store has gone too far.

A couple friends and I took a trip down to the local mall not too long ago and decided to take a peek into the new Christian clothing store. It was rather dull with a bunch cloths displaying popular quotes from scripture and the oh so famous "NOW" (Not Of this World). Then I took a look behind their counter and was utterly horrified at the display that I witnessed. Aligned on the wall were 5 Christian baby garments. I suppose it is never too early to start indoctrinating your child. Well, indoctrination is one thing but this is selfishly labeling your child something that it is not. I mean, would it be okay for there to be similar baby garments that said, "I roll with Cheney"? or "I heart Hitler"? Maybe those are extreme examples but I think they prove my point. This is wrong on so many levels.

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HappySkeptic said...

My baby'll bulieve in GAWD if I tel it 2 wheather u's likes it r NOTS! BURN SINEr! ;)