Monday, January 5, 2009

Yay! Atheists aren't the worst!

We beat the Scientologists! We are now the second to last disliked group in America. Scientologists: -45; Atheists: -32
It is truly puzzling to why "Fundamentalist Christian" gets a positive net rating. Although, I think it is a good sign to see so many people consistently being neutral (36%-48%). It is pretty much hopeless to convince the people that already have a negative view of atheists but I honestly think that we can win over more people from that neutral zone.

Also, on another positive note. I would like to inform everyone (in case you weren't aware) that self-described atheists are actually now at 6% of the population. With the U.S. population being at about 300 million, that is approximately 18 million atheists! Well, technically all the babies that are born everyday are atheists so that number should be higher. If only we could limit the number that get indoctrinated every year....

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Lab Rat said...

heh. sucks to be a scientologist :) Interesting quiz in that there are several more types of christian than any other religion and no agnostics. And technically ... shouldn't christians not be hating anyone :)