Monday, January 5, 2009

Spotlight on Rep. Riner (D)

And we're back! Today we have the NYTimes spotlighting a Democratic Representative from Kentucky, named Tom Riner. This man has been working as a legislator for 26 years! That is 26 years too much considering his complete lack of respect for the 1st Amendment of the Constitution.

In 2006 as the article says, "he sponsored (a law) requiring that the state’s homeland security office post a plaque recognizing God’s role in keeping the country safe." Not surprisingly he was sued to get it removed.

“The church-state divide is not a line I see,” Mr. Riner, a Baptist minister, said of the lawsuit. “What I do see is an attempt to separate America from its history of perceiving itself as a nation under God.”

He does not see a church-state divide?!?!? This "lawmaker" literally believes that we should live in a theocracy! Since 2002, his stunts of trying to smear the state-church line by putting up the 10 Commandments on government property, has cost the state hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. But his audacity goes beyond politics. The article cites how, in the '70s, his friends recalled his blatant disregard and disrespect of the performing artists of the musical "Hair" when it came to the city. Riner "quietly" interrupted the show with bible in hand, protesting it because of its nudity. I don't care how "quiet" you are, interrupting a show is still interrupting a show.

Oh it gets better. When Mr. Riner's wife was a Representative in the 1980s, she sponsored a bill to put the 10 Commandments in every classroom! Thankfully the state Supreme Court shot it down.

Sad part of it all is that none of the politicians dissent from these ludicrous laws and these crazy lawmakers because of the fear of getting attacked with ads that say they "voted against God."

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