Friday, January 9, 2009

Fight for free speech!!!

This is my personal protest against the radical Muslims that would eliminate our civil liberties if they had their way. A lot of media outlets, including publishers, have recently used self-censorship in fear of violent protests from the Muslim community. This is unacceptable. We should not fear the use of our personal freedoms because someones beliefs may be insulted. In this free nation you have the right to be offended and I will not let the lives of those brave men that gave their lives to defend our freedoms to be in vein. Let freedom reign!

Well, we know the good ol Christians will come to the defense of freedom right?...

In its first official comment on the cartoon jihad, the Vatican spoke of the caricatures as an “unacceptable provocation.” The right to freedom of thought and expression, a Vatican statement read, “cannot entail the right to offend the religious sentiment of believers.”

Aw damn. Looks like we are left with the rationalists to take the lead on this one.

Addendum: I would like to add to this post Voltaire's famous quote, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."


Shelly said...

In regards to Bertrand's quote:
This is exactly how i feel. I couldn't have said it better myself. It is time that humanity filters out religion (among other lesser evils) and focuses on human advancement in peace, science, knowledge, compassion, enlightenment, all things that religion has subdued for many centuries. I can only imagine how much better the world will be without religion. I believe we are getting there. With knowledge only a click away and so much information we can get using our fingertips there is no doubt that many will come to the realization of what religion is and how much more marvelous our world is without it.

Shelly said...

I am a bit torn with this subject. I agree with defending freedoms, but I don't want my feelings to get hurt along the way.
To tease or make fun of people's BELIEFS or IDEAS is absolutely ok. But to disrespect SOMEONE verbally, I feel, is not ok. This is something that some theists don't understand. I can respect you without respecting your ideas. A simple example is I could respect Bob the racist, but I don't respect his racist ideology.
Unfortunately there is no fair way to filter positive speech from negative speech without infringing on everyone’s liberties. It is a sacrifice we must make in order to preserve something that is more important than hurt feelings, and that is freedom.

Gong Cheng said...

Free speech only exists under the circumstance of respecting others. Some words I've heard against Muslims are way out of the line. No wonder the Muslim community got irritated.

Dominic said...

The irony of course is that most Muslim women benefit from our countries freedoms. If we were a Muslim state then the MSA wouldn't allow women to be president or hold any meaningful position. This paradox seems to go unnoticed however for all the Muslim women at US Universities. I agree completely Islam is the world's 2nd stupidest religion. Oh wait that wasn't your point. I forgot that's my point!

Stina said...

Muslims outside of the U.S. would be more bold to retaliate in violent ways in response to something they find "offensive" in the media. Then again, they hate us already, and have formed physically and verbally abusive brainwashing sites called madrasas in order to nurture children into suicide bombers. I know you personally believe in the blunt approach, but I don't think that's the most tactful approach for someone who's ready to explode himself to make a point.

Kuba said...

Thanks everyone for leaving your thoughts! Stina, you are right in that my approach may be blunt but I think it is important to make that statement that we will not be bullied by threats of violents.

I want to stand in solidarity with the Danish cartoonist and others that will stand up for free speech.

"13 February 2008, Jyllands-Posten, and many other Danish newspapers including Politiken and Berlingske Tidende, reprinted Westergaard's Bomb in the Turban cartoon, as a statement of commitment to freedom of speech"