Sunday, January 25, 2009

Obama mentions non-believers. Fox offended?

"Was it all inclusive to include non-believers or just offensive?" OMG! Obama mentioned non-believers in his inaugural speech?!?! That is sooooo offensive! I can't believe that he acknowledged that atheists exist!

And then of course they had Huckabee, of all people, comment on the "topic" (if you can call it that). Huckabee then goes to insult atheists by saying they don't believe in anything but themselves. Fox News: fair and balanced as usual. *eyes rolling*


Paul Fidalgo said...

Well done! But if you really wanna be offended, check out Glenn Beck!

Joel said...

Just about everything that Fox News plays is offensive in some way. If you have been watching them this past week, everything the President Obama does is going to lead to the end of the world... or at least they would like you to believe that.
If you really try you can find someone who is offended by everything ever said.

Shelly said...

It is unfortunate that the word non-believer is look upon as if it where an ugly word. Isn’t a newly born child considered a non-believer? Isn’t any other animal an atheist? Aren’t there millions of honest, hard working, ethical human beings out there that don’t need a theology to be good people? The answer is yes. Why is this not clear to the theist? Why must they offend and corrupt our position in order to make theirs seem better. If you ask me, this is a very dishonest and immoral way to recruit more believers.